Creating a Safe Environment

If you’ve dealt with a child with ADD, you’ll understand the importance of making them feel secure while also tackling the awful task of teaching them that the world outside is not always pleasant it’s quite a balancing act.

The best bet for teaching them is to create a safe haven for them. Somewhere that is calm, soothing and a sanctuary. Kids can be cruel, taunting in the classroom, bullying in the playground and some go as far as to make it their life mission to make life a living Hell for others. Eventually, you will have to overcome these obstacles, however, making a safe place for someone with ADHD will greatly ease your more than likely daily battles.

This can be a simple room that acts as a type of living room, or it could be a small space in their bedroom where they can retreat if the world gets too much.

Colour plays a huge part as well, try using subtle colour like pastels and avoid vibrant colours, for these do affect the brain in subtle ways. Also subtle colours make it easier to sleep and are less overwhelming on the eyes.

Try and find some chill out music also, I personally find the Chill Out in Paris or the Hed Kandi Winter Chill mixes are amazing for bringing down an over excited or stressed mind.

Try and find a therapy also that works for you and the person with ADHD. Baking seems to work quite well and that sense of achievement with the finished product makes everything else seem irrelevant, which is always a good thing, and you also get to enjoy cake!

Cooking in general is always good to teach someone for it is a life skill, and you can’t be with them 24/7, so teaching them to cook from an early age is a big of a double whammy. They learn to make meals for themselves, and you get to cross one chore of the more than likely endless list.

Try to bear in mind also, that a calm home is a quiet one, and someone with ADHD needs to have a calm space. It doesn’t have to be the entire house, if you have multiple charges, it would be unfair on them to make them sit silently all day, however this one calm place for someone with ADHD is a good way of avoiding potential meltdowns.

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