Dealing with a meltdown

Children have them all the time. Children with ADHD do it with style! Kicking, screaming, biting, and scratching. If they have it to hand, it becomes a weapon. There is a very simple method however of dealing with these episodes, for both children on and off the ADHD scale, and that is simply to walk off and leave them to it.

Granted, in a supermarket you need to be close by, but while they’re kicking and screaming in the toy aisle, you can go to the next shelf to pick up a magazine or a newspaper. The difference between a tantrum and a meltdown is one is where the child doesn’t get their own way, the other is where something causes alarming distress. Saying no is not a sign of bad parenting, dragging them through something that scares them is.

During a true meltdown, and we’re not talking Dudley Dursley from Harry Potter, the only thing you can do is get down to their level, look them in the eye and comfort them. If you’ve ever worked in retail or catering you’ll have seen meltdowns, and unfortunately there is nothing you can do to stop it. However, you can soothe it. It may be embarrassing in the middle of the street, but at some point every child kicks off.

Sweets, snacks and treats are not an answer as these then make the reward centre (part of the brain) think that behaving in such a way will get them rewards. Your best bet is to talk it through, this will then ensure that not only is the person has not ingesting a load of redefined sugar, and goodness knows what else, but will teach them to eloquently tell you how they feel.

With all meltdowns, be it ADD, ADHD, Autism, the best method is, and always will be prevention. You’ll have the odd kick off, that’s the unwritten first commandment of kids: ‘Thou shall no kick off at the most inopportune moments causing your parents much embarrassment ’

But if you can use a type of therapy, be it with you or a professional, things will become easier. However, the other 9 commandments of kids are still there; Thou shall not be messy; Thou shall not date people mother doesn’t approve of.

Thou shall not cost a fortune in food; Thou shall not try smoking/alcohol; Thou Shall not prefer thine X-box to socializing; Thou Shall not pick on thy younger siblings until they are bigger than me; Thou shall not proclaim ‘it’s unfair’ at every possible opportunity; Thou shall not break the rules; Thou shall not do thine homework until thou is on the bus to school.

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