The Importance of Correct Dosage

It is imperative that doses of medication be given correctly. These medications are designed to alleviate symptoms of ADHD, not turn you into a type of zombie and to space you out. Due to the very nature of these drugs, they are a controlled substance and as such should be treated with care.

They are a very powerful tool, however, should always be taken at the correct times and in the correct dosage. If you fear you have messed up, or are having side effects consult your doctor immediately or head to the hospital.

When taking any medication, you should always ensure to read the leaflet thoroughly and keep it to hand so you can recap on everything it says.

You should also never share medication with anyone, even if they are on the same drug, for these medications have been especially formulated for one person. If someone ever offers you their dose, always refuse for their medication could have an adverse reaction.

There is also a risk that someone else’s medication could be out of date. Obviously, if you have a head ache and someone offers you a head ache tablet or ibuprofen for example, that’s pretty safe, however, try your hardest not to mix your drugs with other medications unless told by your doctor it is safe to do so.

Also should you forget to take your dose, never double dose, take it as soon as you remember and carry on as normal the day after when you’ve been asleep for 8 hours and the previous days medication has flushed out!

Recently there has been a spike in people accidentally overdosing on medication (generally antibiotics) due to forgetting to take one dose, then doubling up on the next dose.

Granted antibiotics aren’t particularly going to kill you however the body does eventually stop responding to them. ADHD medication however, is a completely different type of medicine.

An overdose of ADHD medication could lead to serious consequences and should an overdose occur go to the hospital immediately for you may need to have your stomach pumped and then receive a lecture off the matron on the importance of taking your medication correctly!

You should also try to keep your medication with you at all times in case you’re running late or aren’t home to take it at the correct times. It also helps to keep them in a pill box, that way you always know which dose you’re taking.

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